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Author Jim O’Donnell wrote the initial version this site, on assignment. An avid gardener, O’Donnell works on building whole communities through his Taos, New Mexico-based company Collaborative Green. He is the author of the book, Notes for the Aurora Society, the story of a 1500-mile walk through Finland.

Lars Hundley is a Dallas based gardening expert, and president of Clean Air Gardening. He came up with the idea for Vegetable Gardening Ideas to encourage more people to take up gardening, and teach them how to do it.

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Shirley Bovshow November 3, 2009 at 11:56 am

Hi Lars,
Thanks for visiting my blog today. I enjoyed getting to know your work here on your site. Excellent information.

I’d love to have you as a special video contributer to the Garden World Report show in the future.

Shirley Bovshow


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